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How it works

Listing Price

We look at past sales and auction sites so that valuations are realistic and up to date. We then apply deductions based on conditions and any flaws of the item. After all this information we recommend a price for the customer, however a customer can list any item at any price the desire. Need a quote? Contact us.


We pay you based on market prices, item popularity, and how fast we can expect to move it


You can select between the going rate (our Listing Price), high pricing, low pricing, or your own pricing. You will also receive a buyout quote so you can weigh your options. Once listed, you may also opt for a buyout at any time.


Simple liquidation by E-Bay auction within the timeframe of your choice. Give us a date, and we will have your items sold by then.


We can instantly send funds through PayPal with no fees or cut you a check. For any other requests please ask.

Consignment fees

There are no upfront fees. We simply subtract what is owed from your payout.


  • 15% for new items.

VIP CONSIGNOR RATE* (Consign 10 Items or more)

  • 12.5% for new items. 

We reserve the right to return unsold merchandise to you at any time.

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